Everyone can benefit from therapy

At some point in life, we all struggle. As we move through life, we face life transitions, stressors, challenges, and conflicts with employers, partners, and family.  Our personal challenges can be unique or recurring. When dealing with these things, we can all benefit from a neutral party who can hear us out and give us direct feedback that can help resolve life's issues or help us to grow into a person with new skills or perspectives to help us to flourish.
     Since 2009, my clients have privileged me with the honour of helping to carry their burdens, to offload the troubles they have carried, and to help them find a resolution that works for them. I am grateful to all of my clients, as I learn from them as much as I hope that I am of help to them.

Being in therapy means we are growing and developing.

Seeking the support of a psychotherapist is not an indication of a personal flaw. Rather, it is a sign of maturity and of self-awareness. It means you recognize your limits and are ready to challenge them and develop the tools and insight to move beyond them. The therapeutic process is one of many tools we can use on our journey towards personal growth.

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Why do people go in to therapy?

People seek out therapy for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking help for current issues and stresses in their lives. Others look to devise tools for help in resolving issues from their past. Still, others seek out tools for managing stress, anxiety, or other chronic factors that interfere with living life to its greatest potential.

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