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My approach to working with people is dependent on that person's strengths, learning style, and the issue they are bringing to therapy. I take the time to get to know each person who comes through my door without judgment, coming to understand them as a whole person. This helps me to get a feel for what will work best for you. You need to feel comfortable with whichever therapist you choose. Call me today at no cost to see if I am a good fit.

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From the maritimes, Amanda has been in clinical practice since 2009. An avid outdoors enthusiast, she enjoys paddling of all sorts, hiking, camping, and  cross country skiing. Both on firm land or on her SUP, Amanda is an avid yogi, as well as a road-tripper, enjoys international travel off the beaten path, food and live music. She loves spending time with her family, mindless comedies, and creative hobbies. Amanda spends her time between Ottawa, Toronto, and South River Ontario.

Amanda is an easy-going and down to earth person who brings her laid back and approachable style to all areas of her life.

“I love the work that I do! I am humbled by each person I meet and an honoured each time someone shares their story with me.”
Amanda Carver
Clinical Director & Psychotherapist

Stop beating yourself up for the problems you are facing!  So often I hear from my clients that whenever they repeat their patterns, they say awful things to themselves, such as "Why am I like this?", "Why can't I handle this?", or even worse! Our habits and ways of handling difficult moments come from the things that we learned over the course of our lives. If we didn't learn this way, we would not survive. However, sometimes a strategy that was helpful to us in the past gets in the way years down the road when our situation in life changes. Don't be hard on yourself! You are not flawed. It's just time to re-learn old habits and grow as a person. You have the inner resources to do this already. I would be happy to help you to find those resources and facilitate your growth as a person. You can find out more about my approach to therapy under the "What can I expect?" tab.

You can see more about who I work with, my qualifications, and issues I most frequently take on below.

Professional Qualification

Registered Psychotherapist​
BA in Psychology
M.Ed. Counselling
Crisis Management Certificate
Canadian Certified Counsellor
EMDR Level One
Foundations of Clinical Supervision


Expecting Parents
New mothers
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Crisis work
Life transitions and decision making
Healthy ways of self-regulating and self-calming
Loss and bereavement
Family Dynamics
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