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Sandra Gautreau

Associate Spiritual Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Professional Qualification

Registered Psychotherapist​ (Qualifying), CRPO

Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto

Spiritual Psychotherapy diploma, Transformational Arts College

Ontario Society for Registered Psychotherapists (OSRP) Memeber

Areas of Focus



Life transitions



Low self-esteem

Childhood and generational trauma

Inner child healing





I am passionate about creating a safe, nurturing, and supportive space to be vulnerable, explore a wide range of emotions, and learn nervous system regulation techniques. Developing resilience to communicate openly about topics that can be intimidating is an important facet of my practice. I blend talk therapy with spiritual approaches in order to slow down and notice the interconnected nature of thoughts, feelings, and body sensations.

I believe that childhood is the foundation for the rest of our experiences as adults, and I look forward to meeting and working with your inner child. I use a wide range of modalities that include emotionally focused therapy, guided therapeutic imagery, somatic inquiry, and narrative therapy. My approach is client-focussed meaning that each session is tailored to your experience and needs, and the whole process adapts and evolves with you. I have a natural sense of curiosity and am fascinated to hear about the unique or meaningful events in your life.

I love animals (especially cats), camping, hiking, all things spiritual, and delicious food!

Sandra is currently working under the direct supervision of Amanda Carver, RP.

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